Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How's life !!

hi readers

this is just an update from my side. As i am aware that my blog rating have gone down drastically. This is just another post in over a zillion posts posted everyday everyhour.

So, what is about this time ?

seriously, nothing.

I have got few friends .. from my office interested in my stupid speech and so called "EVIL SMILE"
oh, sometimes i even find me amusing that i give happiness to everyone around me !!!

tragic the life is

the path the life gives us with every turn and twist !! oh man, it sucks .
what is the ultimate aim of this endless savage of life ?
pulled by its harsh waves everywhere ? ( why do i sound sceptical ? )

everyone's going to be rich someday. What is that we want out of our life ?
Like JEGAN's blog post. what is that we ultimately aim ?

We are successful CEO's, but have we truely wanted to become one ?

my aim was to become an IAS officer .. with a green pen signature !!
ultimate aim was to end my life as soon as i get the status of the GREEN PEN SIGNATURE !!
silly it sounds.

truely, what did u imagine yourself when you were a child ? Doctor ? Engineer ? Police ?
comeon, dont lie to yourself, you portrayed yourself in front of the computer working like a mad company robo, that does nothing but the master's orders ?

we are in a position to achieve everything.
i met recently a man, almost in his sixties. Good to speak with old people, their outdated thoughts are fascinating.
i wondered, how can this old man possibly survive so long with such stupid thoughts ?

how small his thoughts were, when i met him ? What happens after 40 years from now ? when i meet my grandson and he says !! grandpa, the playstation 3 is outdated, look at the playstation 27 now. i can play at home, school nevertheless am covered all the way with the web !!?

some things are truely un imaginable..
the growth of technology, the growth of human mind.

how are both considered the same ?

technology grows to make things perfect. The perfect world, never exists !!

the human mind grows to limit the power it holds to unravel the true identity of oneself !!

we were born with unlimited potential. Just we keep limits and make ourselves to do things.
i was the best artist during my child days.
my paintings, weiredest debates i have encountered, topics i have had elocution in english and tamil, once i remember them, those memories are still fresh. My mind wants to get back to those days !!

that is exactly what the life is .. a circle.
we grow more and more and we tend to come back and back !!

the truest happiness is not in one's laughter. It lies within the tears of one. the happiest memories i go through the endless pages in my mind, the more i get them !!
i end up sitting alone wiping my tears flowing ... and saying myself

" how happy i was "

the road coming down to us, is more than what we can expect it to be. We can either travel taking all possible routes ( no shortcuts !! ) or sit complaining, "if it were good, i would have ... "

companies are not so damn hard as they are expected to be !
only a few minds work and others rest in their shadow ..
it is you to decide, to work or rest !!

if you start to work right now, you may end up resting later ...
peacefully ..
and hopefully .. wiping out our tears of happiness !!

"there was this guy .. who scribbles things in his blog " and to all my friends .. with my sincerest gratitude .. thanks for being with me .. at all time ..

thank you for remaining with me .. sound or silent .. far or near .. always ... forever